Twintex ®

Thermopreg™ products are available with Polypropylene matrix (PP). Both 60% and 75% weight of glass loadings are available.
Direct Rovings are available as:
  • packages (inside unwind)
  • bobbins (outside unwind)
  • 60% glass content
  • 75% glass content 
  • Available in natural and black

The Roving is the base material for the whole product line.
Thermopreg™ is also available in various woven styles, according to the degree of conformability or directionality of the required reinforcement loading.


Список соответствующих продуктов

Thermopreg™ FabricsThermopreg™ Commingled Polypropylene Glass Fabrics are made of continuous commingled glass and polypropylene filaments. Consolidation is done by heating above melting temperature of PP matrix (180°C-230°C / 360°F-450°F) and applying a low pressure (1-30 bars), before cooling step under pressure.
Thermopreg™ PlatesTHERMOPREG™ Polypropylene Glass plate based on Consolidated THERMOPREG™ fabrics. THERMOPREG™ Polypropylens Glass is processed by in-mold pressure after heating above melting temperature of PP matrix: 180°C–230°C (360°F- 450°F).